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Security and Privacy

This Security and Privacy Statement applies to this website operated by Ferve Tickets Pty Ltd (ABN 41 074 903 085) ("we", "us", "our") on behalf of ABN 41 074 903 085 ("the organiser"). You should also be aware of the appropriate policies of the organiser, as any contract entered into for the sale of tickets exists between you and the organiser.

We take reasonable steps to preserve the security of your temporary and personal information whilst in transit or stored in our systems.
128 bit SSL encryption is used to secure all personal information while in transit on the internet.
This site has been security scanned by Qualys and meets PCI-DSS credit card validation standards for external scanning.

We respect your rights to privacy under the appropriate Australian legislation (Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth)) and other State based legislation as appropriate.
We will not release your private information to any party (except the organiser), or as required to by law.

Information collected
In an unsecure area of the website (where you have not logged in), we will record the date/time of your visit, your IP address
and the pages/information visited, but no personally identifiable information.

If you log in to our systems, either by the standard account login, or a third party social media plug in, we will record personal information about you in order to facilitate your use of this site, such as delivering tickets or allowing access to newsletters.
If you use the social media functions of this website, we will not post information to your social media profile without your permission, but we may record additional information from your social media profile in order to facilitate your use of this site.

If you buy tickets or products from this website, we will not record your full credit card details at any time, but pass your information into the Australian Banking Network for authorisation.
Our site also may contain the ability to store a reference to your first card authorisation to facilitate the 2nd or subsequent credit card purchases from our site.
In cases where you agree to use this facility, we are not storing full card details, but a reference to the original transaction. This allows us to offer a faster checkout process for customers. We will not use this facility without your permission. Where you wish to clear all references to previously authorised transactions you may do so from your account at our website. Should you do this, all stored references to cards are deleted, and you must again enter full card details to purchase through us.

Your account security
While we force a complex account password, you are ultimately responsible for the security of your account.
You should not disclose your account details to any person, and change your password from time to time as appropriate.

We regularly review developments in security and encryption technologies, and adjust this site accordingly.
You should review this statement periodically as it will change as necessary in response to legal or technical changes.
While we take all reasonable precautions for security and privacy of your information, the transfer of your private information to this site is ultimately at your own risk.